Chocolate fountain hire myths

With so many websites all suggesting they’re The No 1 chocolate fountain supplier in the UK, it has become very easy to hire from a less than competent provider.

To highlight every pitfall you could come across when finding the correct supplier would take far too long. What I am going to do is look at three areas that suppliers use as a selling point and that unless carefully looked at could cause you to have a second rate hire.

Unlimited Chocolate

We use this term on each enquiry form we send out. And we mean it!

Lots of suppliers use this as a selling point but 2 hours into your hire will run out of chocolate and blame it on your guests using the fountain more than once, or having too many dips etc. We use the term to describe the fact that for the 3 hours we hire to you (or more if we have arranged) your chocolate fountain will run smoothly and be topped up when necessary. We allow your guests to use the fountain as they wish and we also allow your guests to dips themselves – as many times as they want. They can have 2 dips or 20 dips it is up to them and we will keep the chocolate replenished throughout your hire. The only stipulation we have is that you don’t fill up cups, plates, handbags etc. with the chocolate.

Huge Range of Dips

Would you like 50 different dips for your fountain? We will do this for you at the same price as the 8/9 options we suggest you to go for.

But we would strongly recommend against such a large range of dips. Even though you may think the wider the range the more attractive, it is easily forgotten such a large range of dips will contain less of the good dips in place of a new dip. Such wide ranges of dips that some companies offer mean all the good dips will run out before the new (poor tasting dips). We therefore suggest to have 8/9 of the best and most popular dips allowing each one of your guests the chance to experience the fountain in the best way possible. Companies offering 20+ dips as their packages main selling point should be dealt with carefully. A chocolate fountain package should have many other important factors above the number of dips on offer and more often than not it really shows a lack of experience and misunderstanding of what occurs at each of these hires and the critical factors needed to have a successful and delicious chocolate fountain hire. Extra dips can added but experience, professionalism, and great customer service cannot be added to a hire so easily.

Local Supplier

One of the biggest myths from clients is that using a local supplier is going to be cheaper than someone a little further down the road.

This myth is one that must be avoided at all costs. It is 9 times out of 10 incorrect. It also will restrict you to finding the best supplier for your event. We guarantee to be the lowest supplier of like for like hires in the UK and we also guarantee to be the lowest supplier in the Yorkshire area regardless of the quality of the other suppliers hire.