Chocolate fountains and fun casinos

As we all begin to recover from the over indulgence of the past few weeks what better way to motivate your selves than to book in a chocolate fountain for 2011 and aim to shed those pounds for an evening of free flowing chocolate and unlimited mouth watering dips.

We are aware that money is tight this year and luxuries will be exactly that. However, due to us now supplying a much larger area of England and Wales we can offer discounts to hires in similar areas on the same day. This means that on top of our services being, more often than not, better value than hiring a local supplier. We can now lower this price even further if we have other bookings in your area.

Enquire with us today – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Following such a great year of hires in 2010 and the creation of an exciting client list we have started to offer fun casino hires. For more information on our fun casinos and multiple booking discounts available at your event(s) please visit our fun casinos website.