About our chocolate fountains

To exceed your expectations and provide you with an occasion you'll never forget, we use the Giles and Posner chocolate fountain range

Giles and Posner chocolate fountainThe largest, most impressive and most dramatic chocolate fountains available to hire. It reaches a height of 1.2m and is constructed with an additional rippled top for added flowing effects.

The top quality large Giles and Posner chocolate fountain

The Posner’s breathtaking size creates a majestic display for the most elegant or elaborate events. The Posner is sure to impress every guest and accentuate every occasion.

“As far as commercial chocolate fountains go the Giles and Posner Fountains offer the best visual effects alongside the most reliable heating and motor system on the market…”
Sales Representative for Commercial Chocolate Fountain Distributor (not Giles and Posner)

More reasons to hire this fountain for your event

  • Fast and easy cleaning, so less time spent packing away.
  • Direct drive motor, so minimal chance of disturbed chocolate flow.
  • Top grade heating system allowing a smoother flow of chocolate due to being kept at a thinner constiency.
  • The only fountain to made out of premium food grade steel, for added hygiene.