Chocolate fountains for weddings

Wedding day chocolate

Hiring a chocolate fountain to amaze all your guests is a great idea, as long as you get the right one. It has to be one that looks impressive, and, above all, come with a charismatic and professional operator who will make your day one to remember for the bride, groom and the whole party.

Many places which offer you the service of hiring a chocolate fountain may have large websites and lots of employees, however from talking to people who have hired fountains before the general consensus is that many of these companies charge you a price and supply you with a chocolate fountain – forgetting the personal touch needed to make the whole experience perfect.

…you provided a great focal point, which people are still talking about now – 3 weeks after the wedding…

John Nagle, Groom, Yorkshire, Dec 13

At Jack’s Chocolate Fountains, we remember that for the chocolate fountain to impress and entertain guests, the operator also needs to impress. Jack will always be presentable (he’s no Brad Pitt, but neither is he Shrek) and he is guaranteed to be entertaining (not singing karaoke and dancing with your friends, but providing stimulating banter over the chocolate fountain).

Feel confident that Jack will provide you with the best service for your wedding and we assure you that this will add another brilliant memory to an already special day.